Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reef and Stress Cover shoot

Reef The Lost Cauze "The STRESS Files" is finally coming to a store near you.. October 28th 2008 on Krush Unit/Red Eye Distribution.. Perfect timing for the Jedi Mind Tricks tour in the Fall that we are doing..Produced by STRESS.. Reef slaying the Mic..Here is the track listing for Reef The Lost Cauze's "The STRESS Files"01 So Sharp 02 Return Of The Champ 03 Knock 'Em Out The Box 04 Just A Man 05 Afghan Green06 Fuck You Talking To? 07 Up Late 08 Stick 'Em Up 09 Monsters Inc. 10 Sweet Nothings11 Beatrice12 Problems (Stress REMIX) 13 Str8 Outta Philly (Live) 14 The Sound Of Philadelphia (Live) 15 Back At It (Live) 16 Bury Em In My Back Yard (Live) 17 Problems! (Live) 18 Knock 'Em Out The Box (Live) 19 Squeeze Freestyle (Live) 20 The Puzzle (Live) 21 Commander In Chief (Live)22 Crillz (Live) 23 Give It Up (Live)
Props to Snapcracker for the ILL cover photo and Havok for the sick layout!

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