Monday, February 25, 2008

Upcoming Events and Shoots

Come out and support, I'll be there doing a shoot.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Full gallery posted on

Peep the latest flixx of the World Cafe Live at lots of new snapkracker treats.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Philly Sound Clash photo shoot

I did a shoot last night at the World Cafe Live, I have to admit it's a photographers dream. Great lighting, all access, and some good subjects. I was going to take the train down because I didn't know if it was going to snow, plus I thought I could catch up on some sleep. Didn't happen, I drove because they wanted me to stay, to take photos of the winners. It was a good time and got some good shots. Big up to Justin 215 for hookin it up.....I'll post more pics later but heres a few for now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Twisted Floetry

i'm part time gifted full time twisted.

i should of read that inscription on that full bottle prescription.

i'm dead bent, i may need a venilator.

i wont call the hotline cause Im a procrastanator feelin like the terminator.

i'm sorry, i said I wouldn't do it again, now it's past ten.

empty plastic, no refills and a bottle of gin.

if you get me out of this one maybe i can be your friend.

or if you can't send me that defibulator, i may be gone just like the wind.

a wicked sin.

chalk it up as a loss, or an evil win.

i'm tired of these hardwood floors and broken doors.

pharmacy stores, and pores that breathe like red skirted whores.

i ask you again , as i lay here with this pen, forgive me for this sin.

i stopped counting, i think I reached ten, i passed out woke up and found a new friend.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Support Local Hip Hop/ Events

Every so often a picture will jump out at me, I shot this pic of an innocent hip hop bystander. Just a guy comin out to a local hip hop show givin some brotherly love. No apple bottom jeans but he had a coat with the fur.........heres some events I'm booked to shoot. And as always support local hip hop.

Retail Space Part 2: Dog and Pony show

The Dog and pony show is in town, and what that means is the big wigs are in area. It means we grab the dust feathers and the Hoover 2000 and start cleaning up in a bum rush fashion. Anxiety is up and managers faces get blotchy as there blood pressure reaches higher levels then normal. See the retail game is kinda like the philadelphia sports scene, a hero today spoiled milk tommorrow. If your game is not polished and you have a not so hot dog and pony show it can be your quick ticket to holding a position as a Wal-Mart greeter.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Black and White and Trees all over...

I took this picture from my deck this morning, yeah I'm movin on up Jefferson style, a deck. Anyway it kinda represents my last two days, I have to be honest everything is good with me jus seems to be a dark cloud over everbody else. A guy who works for me just broke both arms and his elbows. Guess my problems aren't so bad afterall.

Retail Space

As you may not know, I got a nine to five. I have to admit I love my job. I am an assistant manager at a sporting goods store. It pays the bills and helps me live comfortably. I wake up in the morning and look forward to go to the grind. I especially love the people who work there, All very interesting in their own ways. I took some pics yesterday, those who work retail know theres a secret underground culture that goes along with it, the language, the science, the customer, the visits, the call outs, I could go on forever but if you ever worked in retail you know the detail.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Beats and Rhymes Jan 19th

There posting my flixx now on, keep checkin for new snapkracker classics. Heres a pic from the event more posted on there site...

Throwback Flikk

I figured every so often I'll post a throwback pic, I took this picture fifteen years ago, one of the first few rolls I ever shot. I shot it with a minolta X700. Besides shooting alot of music photography, I like to shoot creative medium too. This is one of my favorites.......

E's first camera

My little guy got his first camera. Notice the complications, technology is a bitch.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm puttin in work for, haven't seen my postings yet, but check it out you can see my work there. Plus it's a dope site so peep it anyway....


This is a flikk of me and my homie JFAMOUS. He perfomed and I must admit he killed it. This man is ill on the his beats...

A Daycare Wedding

I love my son to death, his name is E. He always seems to find his way into trouble no matter what the event, even at a wedding, here's some flixx from the blessed event, notice the shot of my son in a pre school brawl.(not proud)...


It was a bitch driving there, but it was well worth it..nothing is better than Christian metal show in a town in New Jerz you never heard of. Ever notice anywhere in the state of NJ there is always a sign for an exit to Trenton, whether your in Newark or Capemay or anywhere in between never fails....?

REEF AND FRIENDS at the KHYBER illadelph

Great show I got some good flixx. Big up to stress an old friend of mine.

So I started a blog.........

I decided to start a blog, as my profile states, I made a decision to document the grind of a starving artist, like many I got caught up in the game. I battled addiction while living a lavish life style all the way to living on the streets. I had a very successful career in NYC as an assistant editor, freelance photographer, and street entrepenuer. For those who knew me could probabley tell you a few stories. I will embellish a little of my past as I continue to blog but would rather cocentrate on the present. I live for the day, for we may never know what tommorrow may bring. I stay greatful for all the people who have helped and hurt me for you have made me the person I am today. Thanx to you too for checkin in, they say its better to check in then it is to check out. May God bless the way that photo was taken by partner Brad Hardy.