Thursday, November 13, 2008

City Paper

Fri., Nov. 14, 8 p.m., free (gallery show), $10-$15 (after-party), Arts Garage, 1533 Ridge Ave., 215-765-2702,


For all those nights that a DJ saved her life, photographer and bartender Jonene Taddei is returning the favor. In September, Taddei helped organize Philly's finest past and present DJs for a super-size photo shoot (more than 150 turntable junkies showed up) in Fairmount Park.

"I've always surrounded myself [with] people who love music as much as me. DJ Excel is a good friend, and one day we were shooting and came up with the idea," she says.

Combining her connections with DJ Jazzy Jeff's phonebook, the sign-up list started flowing with names like DJ Drama, ?uestlove, Too Tuff, Cash Money and DJ AM. (Unfortunately, a few days earlier, AM was in a plane accident and unable to make it, but he was there in spirit via DJ AM shirts that everyone wore for one of the pics.)

With a smile, Taddei says, "Philly DJs don't get the attention they deserve. Philly is known for their DJs. Some of the best in the country come out of here, so why not take a picture of them, right?"

At Friday's gallery exhibit, Taddei will be showcasing her photos from that historic day as well as pics from this year's VH1 Hip-Hop Honors award show. Fellow photographer and 18-year camera vet Snapkracker will also be exhibiting work, including shots of local ladies Taragirl and Patty Crash. Atmosphere after-gallery grooves for the evening will be provided by Steven Bloodbath and Brendan Bring 'Em.

Says Taddei, "DJs have kept me smiling for years through their music — I gave them a chance to smile back through my camera."

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