Thursday, July 16, 2009

Self Reflection...

I originally intended to use this forum to document the life of this average kid, that's me who's trying to live his dream like everybody else. I love writing and I love people, and in the last year in a half I have met some amazing people for whom I draw my inspiration. For those who really know me well, know the obstacles have hurdled which have made me the person I am today. A father, an employee, and self made man in which my success is not measured by material items but by the opportunities I am given outside of my circle. I am truly grateful of my progress, and people like you who have supported me and believed in my work. As I am writing I am completely exhausted, I will not give up and I will not give up on you. Allow your endeavors to surface through persistence and patience and practice progress not perfection, you have to perfect your progress in order to successfully obtain perfection. Thank You all and goodnight...snap

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