Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Twisted Floetry

i'm part time gifted full time twisted.

i should of read that inscription on that full bottle prescription.

i'm dead bent, i may need a venilator.

i wont call the hotline cause Im a procrastanator feelin like the terminator.

i'm sorry, i said I wouldn't do it again, now it's past ten.

empty plastic, no refills and a bottle of gin.

if you get me out of this one maybe i can be your friend.

or if you can't send me that defibulator, i may be gone just like the wind.

a wicked sin.

chalk it up as a loss, or an evil win.

i'm tired of these hardwood floors and broken doors.

pharmacy stores, and pores that breathe like red skirted whores.

i ask you again , as i lay here with this pen, forgive me for this sin.

i stopped counting, i think I reached ten, i passed out woke up and found a new friend.

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